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What We Do: OLG Lotteries

Lottery Line

Lottery Line

Lottery Line is a free newsletter provided by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to all Ontario sellers and their employees who are registered to sell Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) lottery products.
In each issue of Lottery Line, we will provide you with information on how you can keep your AGCO registration in good standing so that you can continue to sell OLG lottery products.

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Lottery Line – December 2016

Lottery Line – December 2016    Korean version
(cover) Registrar’s Message, Focus of an AGCO inspection, (Page 2) Retailer Identification, No Play at Work.

Lottery Line – August, September 2016    Korean version
(cover) Minister responsible for AGCO, Sports wagering limits, Tips for lottery ticket sellers, (Page 2) Renew your registration, New Chief Superintendent, Reminder: Lottery tickets/products.

Lottery Line – May, June 2016    Korean version
(cover) Reader Survey, Renew your lottery registration before it expires, Change of ownership must be reported, Keeping your lottery ticket seller registration in good standing, (Page 2) Illegal gaming machines not permitted at retail locations!, Selling tobacco products to minors may jeopardize your lottery seller registration, Registered lottery ticket sellers are eligible to sell BOTs, AGCO 2014/15 Annual Report now available!

Lottery Line - December 2015    Korean version
(cover) From the Registrar, What to expect during an inspection (Page 2) Why am I receiving an application package from the AGCO?, AGCO investigates lottery insider wins

Lottery Line - August 2015    Korean version
(cover) Renew your lottery ticket registration before it expires, Do not sell lottery tickets to persons under the age of eighteen (Page 2) Procedure for lottery ticket sellers when validating lottery tickets, New Director of AGCO Inspection and Investigation Branch appointed

Lottery Line - April 2015    Korean version
(cover) Selling stolen property, Tips for lottery ticket sellers, (Page 2) No play at work, Damaged lottery tickets, Renew your lottery registration, Post registration in viewable location

Lottery Line - November / December 2014    Korean version
(cover) Reminder: Renew your lottery ticket seller's (Seller) registration before it expires (pg 2) Change in ownership of a lottery ticket seller (Seller), Lottery ticket seller (Seller) registration must be posted in viewable location, Illegal gaming machines not permitted at retail locations!, Selling counterfeit or illegal products can have a negative consequence on a lottery ticket seller's (Seller) registration.

Lottery Line – September 2014     Korean version
(cover) Validation of lottery tickets by retail seller; Minister responsible for gaming in Ontario; Top Tips for lottery ticket sellers; (pg2) Backgrounder; Monetary penalties correction.

Lottery Line – April / May 2014     Korean version
(cover) AGCO Board of Directors, AGCO improves capability to deal with lottery sellers who violate the province's tobacco laws (pg2) Lottery seller has registration revoked for, “not carrying on business in accordance with the law and or with integrity and honesty.”, Monetary penalties, Notification of change in ownership.

Lottery Line - November / December 2013    Korean version
(cover) Pilot project: Lottery sellers may accept debit cards for the purchase of charitable gaming products (pg 2) Change in ownership of a lottery seller, Renew your registration before it expires, AGCO Compliance inspectors busy.

Lottery Line - Summer 2013    Korean version
(cover) Risk-based registration now part of the application process for sellers of OLG lottery products (pg 2) Illegal activity in your store puts your registration at risk, Top Tips – Do’s and Don’ts for lottery retailers, Old “Lottery Retailer Manager” application forms no longer accepted.

Lottery Line - March/April 2013    Korean version
(cover) New schedule of monetary penalties introduced, Ontario driver’s licences and photo ID cards to include “AGE 19” banner, (pg 2) Learn how to spot counterfeit or illegal products, Make sure your lottery registration is renewed before expiry date.

Lottery Line - November / December 2012    Korean version
(cover) Message from the Registrar, Charges laid in fraud case linked to "No Play At Work", Top Tips for Lottery Retailers (pg 2) Lottery Retailers: Consider Selling Break Open Tickets.

Lottery Line - Special Issue 2012    Korean version
Special Issue describing new restrictions that have been introduced that prohibit retailers from selling lottery products to certain classes of individuals.

Lottery Line - July 2012    Korean version
(cover) Regulatory changes to the Gaming Control Act mean some changes for OLG lottery retailers and lottery retailer managers (pg 2) Illegal activity in your store puts your registration at risk, AGCO’s website has lots of information.

Lottery Line - January 2012    Korean version
(cover) Message from the Registrar, Lottery Retailer Code of Conduct, Top Tips for Lottery Retailers (pg 2) From Kingston: New minister in charge of liquor and gaming in Ontario, Service suppliers prohibited from offering incentives, Lottery retailer registration must be posted in accessible location, Reminder: Lottery retailer managers must be registered, At Toronto: Visit AGCO at Spring Trade Show.

Lottery Line - August/September 2011    Korean version
(cover) Suspensions, revocations and monetary penalties – The Hearings Process, Lottery by the Numbers, Top Tips for Lottery Retailers (pg 2) AGCO Lottery Inspectors: What They Do and How They Do It, New Ontario Photo ID Card.

Lottery Line - March/April 2011    Korean version
(cover) AGCO Launches Newsletter for Lottery Retailers, What is the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, Top Tips for Lottery Retailers (pg 2) Illegal Gaming Machines, "No Play At Work": Don't Buy or Redeem Your own Tickets in Your Own Store, Lottery Retailer Registration Cannot be Sold, Renewing Your Lottery Retailer Registration.